The on-the-spot control system has been developed to provide an effective support for inspectors when reviewing, determining, evaluating, and resolving irregularities on the field.

Equipped with GPS receivers, latest aerial photography and satellite images the inspectors perform measurements for claimed parcels and compare the overlays with imported declared data. After this procedure a report is issued to the land owner and the data are notified and synchronized with central data base. The application assures flexibility, accuracy and proper course of the process, which greatly reduces the effort, time and number of errors.

The application supports all steps of the on-thespot controls process:

  • Risk analysis
    • selection of farms to be inspected according to the legislation
  • Logistics
    • assignment of controls for users
  • Preparation of supportive layers
    • aerial photography
    • LPIS data
    • land use data
    • results of previous on-the-spot checks
    • ...
  • Downloading of data from the central location to laptop
  • Printing of paper maps
  • Export and import to/from GPS device (SHP file)
  • Post-processing of the data on the laptop
    • overlays of data layers
    • report of the findings
    • attachment of photos
    • calculation of tolerances
  • Printing a report for signature
  • Upload of control results from laptop to the central database
  • Super-controls
  • Upload of on-the-spot controls for other registers (LPIS, etc.)

Animal Controls

Controls are developed for checking parcels and also animals. Each parcel can have its own animals on it and controller can perform on-the-spot check for this animals. Application enables adding, removing and also replacing existing animals with newly added ones. For better view of animal list a special color legend is applied to different animals for better view.

After animal control a special summarization report is printed.