Sinergise's Vision

Sinergise's vision is to bring vast volumes of available Earth Observation imagery to the level where it can be used in people's everyday lives. Even in decisions as mundane (but also important) as “Will I buy this fast fashion dress even if I can see with my own eyes the river pollution caused by the supplying textile companies in Indonesia?”.

We started by partnering with AWS to bring open Copernicus Sentinel data to the cloud and make it available to everyone in an efficient and scalable manner. Then, we built an award-winning Sentinel Hub APIs, empowering application developers, and EO Browser, a free web application providing immediate insights to more than 50 PB of satellite data.

Every month we deliver data to hundreds of thousands of people, who are monitoring wildfires, environmental disasters, Amazon rain-forest deforestation, finding new penguin colonies in Antartica and even help finding missing hikers.

What's next?

An automatic, ongoing monitoring of our planet, shuffling through tens of TB of data becoming available every day to extract relevant information!

A nice demonstration of this is Blue Dot Water Observatory, which monitors more than 15,000 water bodies worldwide and uses machine learning technology to extract water extent, displaying worrying impacts of global warning. We are is now working to scale this up, using Batch processing to create ML-ready features to demonstrate cost-efficient low-scale analysis combined with drill-down methods and fusing data coming from non-EO sources. ML is also used to ensure sustainability in agriculture.

All along the way, we are sharing our findings and lessons learned through blogs, open-source tools on GitHub, encouraging and engaging the community to do similar things.


We are not done yet and we need your help!

We are looking for people that are driven by purposeful work, achieving professional goals and are eager to learn. You will often face complex but interesting problems that will require cutting-edge solutions and a deep understanding of the domain at various levels.

We are looking for people with a good understanding of software architecture, data structures and algorithms, who are comfortable with professional software engineering best practices and have a passion for quality and an optimal user experience.

If you don't have the required experience, apply anyway! We value your potential to learn new skills more than the skills you currently possess.