Real-estate registry

Real estate registry ljubljana

Real-estate registry combines several processes related to properties. They start after contract is entered into Deeds, go through field-data collection, Cadastre registration, valuation and taxation.

Unique web based data collection system provides a digital database of all properties and their physical characteristics. These characteristics can be gathered by field data collection using PDA/GPS/CAM.


  • Detailed data about properties
  • Integrated Cadastre viewer
  • Detailed sales analysis
  • Statistical Correlative models between sales and physical derived for residential and commercial land and buildings, as well as apartments
  • Derived models applied to unsold properties to create a market value Valuation Roll
  • Ability to formulate policies on sales and Annual Property Tax
  • Ratings support
  • CAMA and conventional approaches with modern technology
  • Transparent workflow with links to deeds and cadastre