TopoCheck is an easy to use, powerful, cross-platform, fast and accurate utility tool for validation of spatial datasets, along with their attributes and metadata. This makes TopoCheck a perfect tool for use by data administrators, especially in organizations which are responsible for creation, management, distribution and use of large and important spatial datasets.


  • Incoming data validation. GIS systems and services rely heavily on external data normally provided in batches. TopoCheck‚Äôs detailed reports identify any possible differences and anomalies that can be sent to data providers to improve their datasets.
  • Identify potential problems early. Essential GIS functionality (intersections, overlays, etc, even some flood fills and renders) depend on topologically-clean datasets. Using TopoCheck can identify any topology anomalies and facilitate their early correction before they cause problems further along in the important analysis, reporting or audit stages.
  • Outgoing data validation. Increasingly, sharing of data with others (including external auditors) is an essential part of data management. Hence TopoCheck includes tools for completion, updating and conversion of the essential metadata with every validated dataset, in order that the dataset, its metadata and quality statistics are kept together in a managed way.

Features include:

  • support for SHP and Oracle SDO formats
  • data-mining tools for formulating attribute types and rules
  • attribute data checks: code lists constraints, invalid values, empty fields, etc.
  • data-mining tools for metadata formulation
  • validation tools for metadata checking (e.g. ISO fields)
  • topology checks: loop-backs, kick-backs, slivers, overlaps, gaps, slivers, unclosed polygons, duplicated features, segment orientation and more
  • generation of SHP file with analysis results

Purchase your copy

Price for TopoCheck is 5.000 EUR and it includes:

  • single user license (in case there is need for more licenses, contact us)
  • one year support
  • one year of free upgrades

Annual support after the first year is 500 EUR.