22 Jan 20

Geospatial data is the cornerstone of any application, service, and product even remotely related to our physical surroundings. Despite its significance for our Data Economy there is a gap between policy intentions and subsequent industrial uptake. This status quo demands an EU-wide intervention targeted on delivering a Digital Single Market for industrial geospatial data. It will be delivered within the OpertusMundi project.

 28 Nov 19
Land Cover Classification with eo-learn

Last year we have introduced eo-learn which aims at providing a set of tools to make prototyping of complex EO workflows as easy, fast, and accessible as possible. After our introduction of eo-learn, the trilogy of blog posts on Land Cover Classification with eo-learn has followed. In this article we are highlighting all.

 15 Oct 19
Sentinel Hub Custom Scripts Contest - Second Round

After the successful Sentinel Hub Custom Script Contest organized in Spring, we have launched the second round on October 15th 2019.

Write a custom script for the Sentinel Hub EO Browser and win attractive prizes. We strongly encourage the participation of students, who will compete for a special prize.

 27 Sep 19
Introducing the DisplayWall

The DisplayWall is a web application build on top of Sentinel Hub services for showing satellite images of locations that you save as pins in EO Browser. It is perfect for, but not limited to, touch displays mounted on walls.

 04 Sep 19
Join Us at ESA EO Phi-Week 2019

Join us at the one of the biggest European EO events of its kind — the European Space Agency (ESA) EO Phi-Week, which will take place at ESRIN, Frascati, Italy on September 9–13, 2019. The event will offer a review of the latest developments in Open Science trends with a focus on EO Open Science and FutureEO. We are pleased to extend ESA’s invitation and recommend you to join our activities.

 29 Jul 19

We have already announced our support of Group on Earth Observations (GEO) — Amazon Web Services (AWS) Earth Observation Cloud Credits Programme and introduced details of GEO and AWS partnership. The Programme committed to award projects improving understanding of our planet with $1.5 million USD worth of cloud services, grants and technical support. The resources will help 21 projects from 17 developing countries to realize the potential of Earth Observation (EO) for sustainable development. We are looking forward to seeing EO applications developed within these projects, particularly those using Sentinel Hub services.

 01 Jul 19
Successfuly Delivered EO VAS Project

The results for the Earth Observation Value Adding Services (EO VAS) were successfully delivered. The project fulfilled its goals in reshaping Earth Observation (EO) Value Chain by significantly simplifying development and delivery of EO Added Value Services. EO VAS is built around Sinergise’s Copernicus Masters 2016 Award-winning Sentinel Hub – an engine for archiving, processing and distribution of satellite data, and GeoVille’s extensive set of processing algorithm.

 22 May 19
The EO platforms eco-system

The Data Cube Facility Service project has started! With our partners Brockmann Consult, EOX IT Services, Gisat, Planet and guidance by European Space Agency, we will integrate and expand existing services to establish the one service for all kinds of processing.

 01 Apr 19
Sinergise Supports GEO in Projects That Improve Understanding of Our Planet

The use of Sentinel Hub services is offered over a three-year period in total worth of €300 000 to successful applicants of the Group on Earth Observations — Amazon Web Services Earth Observation Cloud Credits Programme. This contribution supports countries and organizations planning to use Earth observation data to monitor progress against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

 20 Mar 19
Sentinel Hub Custom Script Contest

Exciting news for all Remote Sensing enthusiasts! The Sentinel Hub Custom Script Contest has started.

Write a custom script for the Sentinel Hub EO Browser and win attractive prizes, including a trip to the European Space Research Institute (ESRIN), home of ESA’s centre for Earth Observation.