MapScaping Podcasts: Series of Talks on Remote Sensing

Listen to the MapScaping Podcasts where we introduce a series of talks on the core problems of remote sensing, to help new users of the Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem enhance their background knowledge. In the first one of these series Gordon Logie from Spark Geo discusses one of the long-standing problems of remote sensing: Does higher spectral resolution always lead to better end products? If you are learning the ropes of remote sensing and want to understand the difference between the two magic words "multispectral" and "hyperspectral", or if you are a data analyst and want to hear about the statistical background of the Hughes phenomenon - or anyone in between, then this podcast is for you.

The episode was brought to you by the MapScaping Podcast and its host Daniel O’Donohue.

Tune also into one of the previous episodes when Daniel interviews Grega Milčinski, CEO of Sinergise, where he explains everything you need to know about Sentinel Hub's services and beyond. Read more in the MapScaping Podcast.