Sentinel Playground

Sentinel Playground

We are introducing a revolutionary web application for browsing, analysis and evaluation of Sentinel-2 imagery - Sentinel Playground.

Application is perfect for someone, who wants to find the latest available satellite images of forest fire, a nice looking poster, observe drought or simply understand, how earth observation products are built.

Full-resolution data are available within hours after acquisition. Multi-spectral images can be checked in any of the standard rendering options or in user-defined band combination. All of this, within any web browser. We do all the heavy-lifting - replicating hundreds of terabytes of data from SciHub, querying trillions of bits of information to find pixels fitting user's defined area of interest and time interval, creating a mosaic and rendering the multi-spectral bands to get the best possible image. There are even some additional effects available such as atmospherical correction and cloud replacement (more coming soon).

Sentinel Playground utilises Sentinel Hub technology to enable easy-to-use discovery of full-resolution Sentinel-2 imagery, along with access to the EO data products.

  • You can browse images from the entire earth's surface and make simple queries to restrict scenes to specific date ranges, location and cloud cover.
  • Any scene can be displayed in different combinations of spectral channels. Select one of the preset rendering options or create custom visualisation.
  • Images can be additionally enhanced by applying image enhancements (effects) to highlight desired features in the most distinctive way.

Check the showcase video below to discover all available features:

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