LAVIMS wins the silver award for Innovative Management

Deeds in LAVIMS

The project LAVIMS (Modern Land Administration and Management System, built by Sinergise) mounted by the Ministry of Housing and Lands, won the second prize, silver Award for Innovative Management, awarded by the African Association for Public Administration and Management Award for Innovative Management (AAPAM). The finals took place last week in Zanzibar.

Kenya won the gold medal for her project presented by the country's army entitled "Diesel powered mobile kitchen", which addresses the problem of deforestation. The surveyor Sailendra Seewoogoolam, Senior Surveyor at Ministry of Lands and Housing, defended the project in Mauritius which was hailed by the jury. Ghana won the bronze medal for his project "Mobile Communication Technology for Health", presented by the Ministry of Health. Fifty projects have been recorded in this contest. The five finalists are from Mauritius, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa.

The purpose of this award: rewarding institutions, organizations or government ministries that have made outstanding contributions to development in their respective countries. It takes into account innovations for efficiency in the performance of public organizations through the introduction of new ideas and management methods. This award will promote innovation in the public sector by encouraging organizations and staff to opt for creative and effective methods to solve specific problems in administration and management, but also to improve the image of the public sector Africa.

Thirteen projects were submitted by institutions such as the Mauritius Central Electricity Board (CEB), the National Assembly, the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life, Hospital Dr Jeetoo the Companies Division of the municipality Curepipe, the Ministry of Education and Human Resources, and the Lands and Housing, Trust Fund for Specialized Medical Care, police, Flacq Hospital and the National Audit Unit.

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