LAVIMS being presented at Annual World Bank Conference

LAVIMS is being presented at Annual World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty in Washington (March 2016) with the theme "Scaling up Responsible Land Governance". The title of the presentation is "Land Administration and Valuation Information System (LAVIMS) - Five Years of Operations in Mauritius".

We are happy to see that presentation contains several benefits, enabled by our solution:

  • Prior to LAVIMS, the deeds registration process would take up to 15 days to go through the manual process at the RGD. Since LAVIMS this has reduced to 1 day. Furthermore, deeds once registered are now available for online public searching immediately;
  • Approximately 90,000 new parcels have been added to the Cadastre with a total of approximately 250,000 (45%). having been edited since go-live in 2011;
  • Certificates for some 71,890 PINs have been issued from March 2012 up to December 2015. This has generated about Rs. 67,330,000 ($1.9Million US) revenue;
  • In 2015, some 23,000 PIN certificates have been issued and revenues of Rs. 23,000,000 ($650,000 US) have been collected;
    Following the go-live of the online PIN application process, around 65% of applications are being made using the online application portal.

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