Sentinel Hub VAS, our subsidiary in Graz, Austria, is building new team for remote sensing applications

Sentinel Hub VAS GmbH, a subsidiary of Sinergise, is opening a permanent office in Graz / ESA BIC Austria, close to several other space start-ups, starting with a team of 3-5 young enthusiasts in remote sensing, in order to widen the reach of the Copernicus Masters award winning satellite imagery processing service, Sentinel Hub.

One year ago Sinergise recognized the potential of ESA Business Incubation Austria (ESA BIC Austria) and its strategic location next to some of the best engineering universities in Austria. To seize the opportunity, Sinergise established a subsidiary in Graz focused on the creation of Value Added Services (VAS) based on Sentinel Hub, starting with the familiar fields of agriculture and land administration but being not limited to these. Sentinel Hub VAS GmbH successfully completed its first project and “graduated” in August 2019. The experiences gained confirmed our assumptions that this could be a good way to widen the reach of Sentinel Hub and we decided to start the growth process.

We are building a group of 3 junior engineers, to form the core of the Graz’s team, with planned expansion to 5 people in a period of 12-18 months. The team’s responsibility will be to build tools and services, which will be then available to all Sentinel Hub users to exploit. The Euro Data Cube and Blue Dot Water Observatory are examples of such services. The team will initially work under guidance of project manager from Sinergise but there is an objective to make the team self-sustainable and self-governing in 18-24 months.

Team members will work closely with Sinergise’s staff, starting with 6-8 weeks stint in Ljubljana, to get to know each other well, then continuing in Graz with one week per month in Ljubljana, paired with one week per month of someone from Sinergise in Graz. This kind of operations should ensure strong integration and deep understanding of the necessary technologies, so that work could done.

We are therefore inviting young graduates interested in Earth Observation and remote sensing to join our team and to help us build the best possible tools for monitoring of our planet. You will have the chance to learn and to cooperate in building a company from scratch in one very exciting and promising market.

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