LPIS for Scottish Government

Scottish LPIS

Sinergise has been awarded implementation of Land Parcel Identification System (LPIS) by Agriculture, Food and Rural Communities Directorate (AFRC) within Scottish Government.

Within 14 months we will implement a system, which will support to unique identify, map and evaluate the area of every land parcel in Scotland claimed under the various EC grant-aid schemes covered by the Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS).

The primary objective of the LPIS procurement is to replace the existing Business as Usual technology and to deliver a new LPIS that supports CAP compliance and the Futures Programme strategic objectives and vision.

Sinergise will use its extensive experience in building LPIS solution across the Europe and its existing technology based on Giselle WebGIS to deliver the tools to be used by both internal users and public.

The Giselle WebGIS system and especially its database are among the most important parts of IACS software solutions, allowing accurate calculation of area-based payments as well as a means to control farmers’ applications and resolve disputes. Sinergise’s LPIS consists of a client-server based desktop application for editing graphical and descriptive information on agricultural land usage, a web-based GIS 3D viewer for public use and a support and monitoring module for improvement of quality and efficiency of the operators’ work.

In the video below see examples of our existing solutions in the field of LPIS and WebGIS: